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By Blok » over 4 years ago
After hearing from the community and staff members, I have compiled a list of things should and should not be done to increase your chances of becoming a staff member. If any of the rules listed below are broken, you may be denied or blacklisted from applying for staff in the future.

  • Be a good member of the community. Help out players in game, and be nice. It doesn't help your chances to cuss at other players.
  • Have a good attitude towards the server. Don't talk badly about the server then expect to get promoted. Any staff member including Trial Mods can pull up chat logs.
  • Be active on the forums. 
  • Make sure you know the server before applying.
  • Be active before actually applying.
  • Don't get yourself punished. The more punishments you have, the worse it makes you look.
  • Don't ask staff members to look at your application.
  • Don't bump your application.
  • Don't lie on your application.
  • Don't Bold your whole application. We recommend you bold the questions and leave your answers normal. It's easier to read and looks more professional.
  • Don't copy or steal parts of someone else's application.

Good luck with your applications,
NightShadePvP Staff Team

Founder - Head of UHC - Head of Development