Hello, today I wanted to share with you guys the story of NightShadePvP. NightShadePvP has went through many stages of life so to speak. With a few different hosting providers and solutions, and different team leaders, NightShade has gone through a lot. Without further ado, let's begin!


At first, NightShadePvP was a 1gb vanilla computer hosted server. Myself, TakeMyBacon and buttertastesgood had built a small wooden hub that was ugly and horrible, but nevertheless the best I could ever build. That is considering my building skills are very bad. Anyway, it was a command block powered Hunger Games which to be fair was pretty good. However, we only had us three and occasionally a friend or too. 

The next step we took was upgrading to CraftBukkit. With the new craftbukkit jar, I started learning to code plugins. At around this time I was making Minecraft Mods, so adapting to the new bukkit api wasn't incredibly difficult. Now that we could support craftbukkit, we had trashed our old HG system and donwloaded a plugin off the Bukkit website. We also downloaded a couple generic Hunger Games maps and set those up. I am not going to lie it was actually really fun. I had hours on my hands and I had went through all the  configs and everything was working amazingly. 

The next step was purchasing a shared host from CubedHost. Their support was nice and helped me get my server running. From there, the server exploded. We had our new IP Adress and could finally go public. We worked on that for a couple months and come Febuary 2016, we released. At this time, I was a pretty experienced developer, and one of my friends (who has since resigned from the position) was also a developer. When we went public, I was streaming and it was a pretty decent release. We had ~27 players out of 40 which was a huge thing for us back then. We continued to grow NightShadePvP

Next, we upgraded that CubedHost server into a new package that supported more players. This was when we entered the Reddit UHC community. This was extremely rushed, but nevertheless the best descion of Bacon's and I's NightShadePvP career. The first game we ever hosted was by me. It went decent with 50 players and didn't lag all that bad. In the same night, however, Bacon hosted a game that went terribly. At this time, it never really occured to me that it was us doing something wrong, and I figured it was just CubedHost or luck. The rest of our games on the CubedHost server went completly horrible. 

Recently, I learned some linux administration and we now run a fast machine and we have expanded into a network. I am not going to disclose how our servers are hosted, but let's just say I am extremely happy with the new servers. 

Thank you for reading and sticking with NightShadePvP throughout its long, bumpy live. I hope the network can continue to flourish as it has done in the past.