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By Blok » over 2 years ago
Hello everyone. If you read the Update Log I just posted, you would know that TakeMyBacon has stepped down from his postion as Owner. In this thread I am going to give a little explanation and backstory and then get on to some quotes from our Staff Team. 

First and formost, bacon and I have always ran the server together. From the vanilla minecraft server that ran on my crappy HP Desktop that my whole family used, to the huge dedicated machine that we use to run the network now, we have done it together. We have always thought of ideas together and were always working on the server together. That's why this is kinda crappy for me as his buisiness parter to see him leave the staff team. His only reason for leaving: I am not interested in Minecraft anymore. Simple, we all get bored. However I could see this coming for a while. His playtime got lower and lower until it became non-existent. He simply never logged on to the server. I don't blame him. There were times were I wouldn't log on for weeks. It's not his fault, we all move on. I put 0 blame on him for any of this.

Here are some quotes from the senior staff members:

@Foamy321 "As I had just joined the team, I started to get to know everyone on the team. I believe Bacon has a kind heart and I hope to connect with the guy sooner than later."

@blackmeme "Right when I got to know Bacon 2 years ago, I knew right then & there he was going to make a colossal change for the better as my time being staff on the NightShadePvP network."

@CarterAimz_ - "From the start I could tell that Bacon is a very kind and determined owner. Back when I was a helper he was one of the first high staff I talked to, and I can still remember his words today. My only regret is not talking to him more. I know he will be missed."

Myself  - "Well Bacon is actually my brother so I see him every day"

o7, TakeMyBacon

The NightShadePvP Senior Staff Team

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IGN: Take_My_Bacon
By TakeMyBacon » over 2 years ago
Im still active on the forums but dont count on it
btw thanks for the post mr Blok 
thanks for the quotes too

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IGN: CarterAimz_
By CarterAimz_ » over 2 years ago
We miss you aready! o7


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By Milan » over 2 years ago
o7 Bacon!

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By mrbutters12345 » about 1 year ago
Man that sucks

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