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By Blok » about 1 year ago
Hey everyone, welcome to NightShadePvP Update Log #4. In the past few weeks there has been a LOT of things happening at NightShade. 

  • Online punishment viewer
  • UHC1 Fully up and running
  • UHC2 Is almost completely finished
  •  New staff members: @Cheapness @0ne
  • @TakeMyBacon has resigned from his Owner position. (Post about that coming very 
  • @Foamy321 is our new UHC Manager!
  • @Skyhiqh is now a full time UHC Host!
  • We have gotten a TeamSpeak!
  • We have switched our host over to a different one. We have clocked an almost 200% upgrade performance wise. Our UHC servers can handle up to 200 player's now!
  • Server Store has been redone
  • NightShadePvP UHC Server 2! (See future post)
  • Custom user profile prefrences (in-game)
  • Cosmetics and Arrow/Rod trails for donators
  • Global Currency to use to unlock cosmetics and donor perks
  • Online Leaderboards

That really should wrap up most things. We have been busy responding to staff applications and we really love applications! 

NightShadePvP Staff Team

Founder - Head of UHC - Head of Development


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IGN: CarterAimz_
By CarterAimz_ » about 1 year ago
Can't wait! laugh

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