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IGN: Connosaurus
By Gejin » 6 months ago

What is your in-game name? - Connosaurus


What is your age? - I am 15, turning 16 on September 30th


What timezone are you located in? - My time zone is Eastern Standard Time (EST)


What is your Discord username and identifier? - My Discord username is Gejin#7964


What is your Reddit username? My Reddit username is Gejin


Are you currently banned on any servers? If so, explain why and share how you have learned from those experiences. - I am not banned from any server (that I know of).


Have you applied for staff before on NightShade? If so, please provide the link to the applications. - I have not applied before 


How many hours a week can you contribute to staff duties on NightShade? - I could contribute around 8 hours a week, more once school is over.


What are your previous experiences as a staff member or a host? - I have helped host many private games on other Reddit servers and I have helped setup a lot of other smaller servers.


What skills do you currently have that would make you a successful staff member? - I am a good leader, as I have been doing leadership activities all my life, I can admit to my mistakes, I’m communicative and can speak to people easily. I have a wide knowledge of UHC’s and Minecraft itself as I’ve been playing since the game came out.


What languages can you fluently speak or write in? - I speak fluent English

Do you have the ability to record and upload videos to youtube? Yes, I do. I stream as well, but I can use it to record. 


Are you a Trial Host or Verified Host on No, but I will apply if I’m accepted.


Are you familiar with the guidelines for hosting on For the most part, but I will review them to be sure.


Are you familiar with how the universal ban list (Reddit UBL) works? Yes I am


Have you ever been on the universal ban list (Reddit UBL)  for any reason? No, I haven’t 


Is there anything else that you would like to add? Thank you so much for reading over my application!
You can also contact me @ConnorHadlow on Twitter. I hope you give me the opportunity to be a host. Thanks :)