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IGN: EqualTogether
By EqualTogether » about 1 year ago
What is your in-game name? WoexsInCharge

What is your age? 13

What timezone are you located in? EST

What is your Discord username and identifier? xd Lucas#4062

What is your Reddit username? u/Bobcat3610

Are you currently banned on any servers? If so, explain why and share how you have learned from those experiences. Not at the moment.

Have you applied for staff before on NightShade? If so, please provide the link to the applications. Yes. http://nightshadepvp.com/forum/view_topic/?tid=411

How many hours a week can you contribute to staff duties on NightShade? Atleast 10 hours a week hosting/moderating.

How will NightshadePvP benefit from you being staff: Nightshade will benefit from me being staff because I am able to host or moderate for any host that is needed. I can help other trials if help is needed. I can learn from my mistakes and teach others. I know how to be mature and how to act as a staff member and I can moderate chat as needed. I will not be a immature staff member by spreading rumors. I can respect other staff members.

What are your previous experiences as a staff member or a host? I was Platform admin on VergeUHC as well as being a host on NightshadePVP. I am also currently trial host on 2 Donkeys. I've hosted almost 50 UHC's and I know how to host on Nightshade. My previous experiences as staff have taught me that being a staff member takes patience and teamwork to do well. I've spent time hosting, moderating, and helping on these servers leading to promotions, as well I have been demoted. This has showed me how to learn from my mistakes and learn as I spend more time. I plan on not only hosting, but being there to help spectate and moderate/host if a host/spec is needed.

What skills do you currently have that would make you a successful staff member? I know how to deal with people who may complain or not like the server. I can deal with pressure well, since I had to deal with great amounts of it when I was first accepted. I know how to host on Nightshade because I was once a host. I can be mature and active in discord and in game. I know how to help others host. I am able to tell if someone is joking or not. I am able to catch hackers without exceeding help. I know the limits of what should be accepted or not. I am able to record and partially speak Spanish.

Why should we choose you over other qualified applicants? I believe I should be chosen over other applicants because I know how to be mature, I am able to understand what needs to be done and how to do things, and I can help other trials or anyone who needs my help. I am trustworthy and can respect all people. Also, I am able to spend time on the server and in game, I know how to catch hackers as well as help other staff members catch hackers. I am organized and well respected in the community, therefore I can help Nightshade grow and become a better server.

What languages can you fluently speak or write in? English and partially Spanish.

Do you have the ability to record and upload videos to youtube? Yes

Are you a Trial Host or Verified Host on uhc.gg? Yes

Are you familiar with the guidelines for hosting on uhc.gg? Yes

Are you familiar with how the universal ban list (Reddit UBL) works? Yes

Have you ever been on the universal ban list (Reddit UBL)  for any reason? No

Is there anything else that you would like to add? I made a mistake. I hope you will think about my application. Know that I've changed and I know what I did wrong. Thank you for taking your time to read this.