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IGN: soupmaster556
By soupmaster556 » 5 months ago
You know I really don't know how to start my application but here it goes.
I am currently an active member in the community playing every game I can (If I don't get detention). Currently, my IGN is "soupmaster556", my Discord name is "ZTH VEJAY#0637" and my Reddit name is "vejay__". I live in New York which is Eastern Standard Time and as of now 14 turning 15 on the 20th of April (I know it says im 15 in my profile, I fucked up when making it). I am currently banned on one server "GarboUHC" for Ip evasion. And yes I have learned that servers are smarter than you think. This is my first time applying for Staff on NightShade and hopefully, be my last. I can contribute 7 hours to staff duties on weekdays and 12 on weekends. I have not had any Host/Staff experience but am very familiar with the commands and a quick learner. I've been playing Minecraft/UHC for 5 years and had my fair share of cheaters in general, I usually record every time I play a UHC for proof/evidence and I can upload the videos I record to youtube. My primary language is English and I am currently taking Spanish classes. I am not a trial host/verified host on I am very familiar with both guidelines and the UBL which I have never been on. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my application, hope you have a great one.