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IGN: lukzsha
By lukzzz » 6 months ago
What is your in-game name? lukzzzz

What is your age? My age is 15.

What timezone are you located in? My timezone is currently UTC +1, but it changes from time to time. (from UTC +1 to UTC +2 and so on)

What is your Discord username and identifier? lukzzzz#4919

What is your Reddit username? lukzsha

Are you currently banned on any servers? If so, explain why and share how you have learned from those experiences. No.

Have you applied for staff before on NightShade? If so, please provide the link to the applications.
I have applied only one time before this, and I have learned my mistakes. Here is the link:

How many hours a week can you contribute to staff duties on NightShade?
On the server, I can play from 10 to 15 hours a week. On the Discord server, I can be more active, probably around 20 to 30 hours a week. Please note that I do go to school and sometimes I will not be able to be as active as I said since I do have exams that I have to study for and I take school
 as a priority #1.

What are your previous experiences as a staff member or a host?
PonderUHC - Host
SycleMC - Trial
ElectrumUHC - Trial
2Donkeys - Trial Host
I have collected many experiences throughout my career in hosting and spectating games. Yes, I have only hosted one game on Reddit by now, but I consider myself ready for the challenges for hosting on NightShadePVP. I have collected many pieces of advice and friendships throughout being a staff member on the servers mentioned before, thus I do not think you will have to educate me a lot since I do soak knowledge in like a sponge. Unfortunately, all the servers mentioned before excluding 2Donkeys have shut down.

What skills do you currently have that would make you a successful staff member?
I have a variety of skills that would make me a successful staff member. First of all, I am never going to give anyone an advantage because I know them, or I am a good friend with them. I am not a bias person nor I will ever be. I am a quick learner, so if there would be an update on the server I will probably be one of the first ones to soak it all in. I can adapt to different types of hosting commands and such.  Also, I am fairly active, and currently, have a lot of motivation for hosting. I do get praised by my family members that if I want to do something with a good motivation, I work on it really hard and good. I can make jokes without saying anything offensive (no n-words, Christian pg mineman here!1!11!!1!). I am fast at making correct decisions, a perfect example is if someone is being a bit sus and I do not really know if I should punish them. Probably most of the staff can relate. I can be very mature and serious when it needs to be like that. I am a humble person, and I do not rage that much, but when I am with my friends I make a more entertaining personality, which means I rage and roast everyone a lot, but ONLY and especially ONLY in VC's with my friends. I can be professional at any time as well.
What languages can you fluently speak or write in?
Serbian (Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Macedonian), English. I can understand and speak a bit of German, but that knowledge is very limited (I can say to someone in German that they should type in English xd).
Do you have the ability to record and upload videos to youtube?
Yes, I can record in 1080p30fps quality pretty smoothly, getting a new PC in 4 months so then I will be able to record in a lot better quality.
YouTube channel:
I used to record, and I had like around 90 subscribers, I used to stream daily and once got 30 viewers which is equivalent to what content creators with a subscriber count around 1,000 usually get.

Are you a Trial Host or Verified Host on
I am a Trial Host on

Are you familiar with the guidelines for hosting on
Yes, I am.

Are you familiar with how the universal ban list (Reddit UBL) works?
Yes, I am.

Have you ever been on the universal ban list (Reddit UBL) for any reason?
No, I have never been on the UBL.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?
That would be all for now, thanks for reading my application!