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By OHLEGO » 7 months ago

Age: 19

Timezone: NA-East

Discord: Kyle (OHLEGO)#4867

Reddit: OHLEGOPlays

Have you ever been banned or muted on Nightshade? If so, explain what you learned. I was muted for spoiling, and not listening to staff members/helpop-misuse. From spoiling I learned that if you spoil it takes the fun out of the game for others, so I learned just to shut up so everyone can have fun. I had a lot of problems listening to staff members and I'm going to admit that it's one of my biggest weaknesses, but I learned from that weakness, I learned that staff members are only looking out for you and you should be glad that they are trying to help you. 

Have you applied for Nightshade before? Provide the links.
I have applied, here are the links

How many hours can you put into staffing? I can put a lot of time into staffing, right now I'm not exactly sure but it would definitely be enough to reach my quota. I tend to be very active when hosting on servers and I want one last shot, so I'm going to put some time into hosting on nightshade.

What are your past experiences as host/staff? Let me first of all start off by saying, this is my last application I am making for hosting on Reddit. I've had some bad parts of my recent experiences and some good. On Nightshade, I showed potential until I lost trust with a lot of the staff members. Some of the staff members that thought I was annoying have been talking to me and I have been getting a better just of what I needed to do if I wanted to step up my hosting game. After all immaturity doesn't belong in a good host's personality. In 2Donkeys I was hosting banned for 2 weeks and I had a little bit of a behavior issue with them also. My immaturity didn't grow when I went to the wrong server. I've seen this countlessly and I keep telling myself that Nightshade is the only server that has what I want. I mean if this doesn't work I'm done with Reddit because my experiences are going haywire. I was just on Xestra today, and I resigned because I knew it wasn't going to help me, and I didn't fit in. I know a lot of people on nightshade and I'm losing hope so I'm looking for something to boost my confidence.

What skills do you have that make you qualified for nightshade staff? I have the willingness to learn from others, I am very open to learning base off recent experiences. I'm very good at trying to be professional. I have been trying to get better at learning from my mistakes and so far it has worked. Overall, I'm willing to learn to get new qualities.

What languages can you fluently speak/write in? I can speak/write fluently in English, however I can speak a little French and can write in it, but not fluently.

Do you have ability to record and upload to YouTube? Yes, I have a channel called OHLEGO. I record with OBS, edit with Vegas Pro and I compress with Handbrake so I can get videos up in no time.

Are you trial host or verified host on uhc.gg? I am trial host on uhc.gg.

Are you familiar with the hosting guidelines for uhc.gg? I am mostly familiar with the guidelines.

Are you familiar with the UBL guidelines? I'm getting there, but I understand the concept.

Have you been on the UBL list? No I have not and I plan to not be on that list.

Anything else you'd like to add? Yes, I have had so many applications for so many servers but none felt just right about me. I know a lot of your staff members and I know that they would be willing to give me another chance. I've learned, I had my other experiences whether good or bad, but this is my last application for hosting. If I don't get accepted I'm going to be leaving the hosting part of the community. That is not a joke, because I'm sick of the way people have been treating me, and I have been tired of this. I know many people would like me back on the team, and I want to show that I deserve the respect and the trust of the community. 



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IGN: ShatteredPVP
By ShatteredPVP » 6 months ago
Pretty good application would recommend rereading it and using grammarly

-Andrei or Shattered


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IGN: DiscoverCard
By DiscoverCard » 6 months ago

After much consideration and reviewing your application we have come to the conclusion that we are going to be denying your staff application. Unfortunately, you did not meet all of our expectations, and you lacked in some important areas regarding your application. We have compiled a list of things that contributed to this decision so you can work on them if you apply for this position again.
  • You were demoted only a few weeks ago and we feel as you aren't ready to return to the staff team. 
  • You have little experience being a staff member on other servers and the experience you did have was for a short period of time and didn't end well.
  • Your application didn’t showcase your skills in a manner which looked like it would work well with our current staff team.

We thank you for your interest in becoming a staff member and hope you will take the time to apply again with an improved application. If you would like more detailed feedback about your application, open a support ticket on our Discord server. You may apply again whenever you would like, the next batch of applications will be reviewed on March 1st.​