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IGN: Test_Account
By Test_Account » 5 months ago
What is your in-game name?

What is your age?
13 turning 14 in a month.

What timezone are you located in?

What is your Discord username and identifier?

What is your Reddit username?

Have you ever been banned or muted on NightShade? If so, explain why and share how you have learned from that experience.
In my 6 months of playing NightShade I have been banned 2 times.The first time I was banned was for illegal-mining and it was a week ban from Jolly but it was later shortened to about 3d after appealed.I still illegal mine but a lot less and make sure to staircase.The second ban was for spoiling and I was banned from Sarah and it was only for a day but I made sure not to spoil again and keep the anger inside of me and not let it out. 

Have you applied for staff before on NightShade? If so, please provide the link to the applications.
No,this is my first application being made on Nightshade.

How many hours a week can you contribute to staff duties on NightShade?
I can put at least an hour or two on weekdays and a lot more on weekends if im free.The times I could put into NightShade are from 5-7Pm everyday on weekdays and depends on weekends.I will host to around 4-5 games a week and spectate a game if needed.

What are your previous experiences as a staff member or a host?
I was previously staff on NightShade but I was not the most active person but the games I did host went pretty well.I have more motivation into the game after my 2 month break and plan to be much more active.I have also been staff on Kingdom UHC were I would host a lot of games and was much more active on.I have now left that community and plan to do much better in help of NightShade.

What skills do you currently have that would make you a successful staff member?
As being staff on NightShade before I know most of commands that staff should know and also know how to host games.I would host really fun games for players to play and will help people in-game when they need help.I will fulfill my duties as a staff member hosting regularly.I have a lot of time I could put into NightShade as a staff member hosting games and also spectating them.I already know how to host games and the format so I would not need much help at the start.Outside minecraft I do public speaking so I can show the staff team leadership and confidence in speaking  and testing out scenarios if needed help.I have previous experience in hosting.I will also only ban hackers if I have evidence and have recorded them cheating or xraying and will not ban if I have no evidence of the act.If I think that act of the player is something that can get them on the UBL I will show all evidence to admins or above.I will listen to all orders or duties that I am assigned and prove to you guys why I am a good staff.I will moderate chat in-game and make there is no spoiling,threats,racism,etc.I know most of NightShade players and can communicate to them just fine and am friends with most of them.  

What languages can you fluently speak or write in?
I can speak and write both english and Urdu fluently.I also do know a bit of French and in speaking not much of writing but I do understand the basics.Accent is a bit of thought.

Do you have the ability to record and upload videos to youtube?
Yes i have the ability to record and post on youtube with good frames and also have replaymod.

Are you a Trial Host or Verified Host on uhc.gg?
Looking to be Verified Host in the near future but I am Trial Host.

Are you familiar with the guidelines for hosting on uhc.gg?
Yes I already know the guidelines and how to post your games on uhc.gg

Are you familiar with how the universal ban list (Reddit UBL) works?
I do know a bit but not all of it but look to read through it when I come back

Have you ever been on the universal ban list (Reddit UBL)  for any reason? 
No but I have x-rayed on Kingdom UHC because I did not enjoy playing Kingdom anymore and most staff on Kingdom UHC and players cheat anyway.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?
Thanks for taking the time to read my application.


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IGN: SadEnro
By SadEnro » 5 months ago
Good application!

- Enro


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By OHLEGO » 5 months ago
I like the amount of words and the correct spelling of words! Great job and great application!


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IGN: DiscoverCard
By DiscoverCard » 5 months ago
After much consideration and reviewing your application we have come to the conclusion that we are going to be denying your staff application. Unfortunately, you did not meet all of our expectations and you lacked in some important areas regarding your application. We have compiled a list of things that contributed to this decision so you can work on them if you apply for this position again.
  • You have little experience being a staff member on other servers and the experience you did have was explained briefly and was not detailed enough.

We thank you for your interest in becoming a staff member and hope you will take the time to apply again with an improved application. You may apply again whenever you would like and the next batch of applications will be reviewed on February 1st.