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IGN: 4EyedSlimeDad
By PowerFour » 6 months ago
What is your in-game name? PowerFour

What is your age? 13

What timezone are you located in? CST

What is your Discord username and identifier? PowerFour#5611

What is your Reddit username? Umbreaon

Have you ever been banned or muted on NightShade? If so, explain why and share how you have learned from that experience. I believe I may have been muted/banned one time. I have learned to not say anything rude to other players, or do things  that are bannable, or against the rules.

Have you applied for staff before on NightShade? If so, please provide the link to the applications.

How many hours a week can you contribute to staff duties on NightShade? I can contribute most days 21-49 hours each week to the staff team.

What are your previous experiences as a staff member or a host?  I am Admin on Kluto, Senior on Xestra, and Host on Zany. I was Host on Electrum, Host on Infernal, and Host on Ponder. I learned a lot from all of these staff experiences.

What skills do you currently have that would make you a successful staff member? I am very cooperative, as I can help Nightshade reach it's hosting goal, and do many other things to help out. I make sure to listen to what others tell me, so that I am aware and understand what is going on. I can host pretty frequently, but sometime I play fortnite and other games with friends. I enjoy hosting and playing uhcs, so I know the rules and how to host. Another one of my skills is that I am patient. If I need your help and you are doing something I can wait, and not interrupt what you are doing to get you to help me. Also, I can calm other players down, and make sure everyone is behaving properly. I am pretty fast learner, but do forget things sometimes. I mainly only play Nightshade games because, the community is chill, and they are always fun games. I can bring fun enjoyable games, and entertainment. I am also good friends with most of the staff team, and love working with everyone on the staff team. I feel as if even though my reputation is not the best, I can still make a positive impact on the community. With all the recent twitter drama, overhosting, and general toxicity lately, Not only can I help make a good example of nightshade, but I can also repair my image in the process. This is something I am very passionate about. I want to make sure that other people see hosts acting mature, responsible, and respectful. These are qualities that I admittedly lacked in the past, and something I am hoping to pass on in the future. 

What languages can you fluently speak or write in? English and a little bit of Spanish (Only polite phrases and greetings)

Do you have the ability to record and upload videos to youtube? Yes! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuxjjKHxm8gFNDTfeFRcUSQ?view_as=subscriber

Are you a Trial Host or Verified Host on uhc.gg? Trial

Are you familiar with the guidelines for hosting on uhc.gg? Yes

Are you familiar with how the universal ban list (Reddit UBL) works? Yes

Have you ever been on the universal ban list (Reddit UBL)  for any reason?  No

Is there anything else that you would like to add? No.


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By OHLEGO » 6 months ago
I like this application! Good Job and keep up the great work.


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IGN: DiscoverCard
By DiscoverCard » 6 months ago
Congratulations, your application has passed the application stage, and you are being moved onto the interview stage of the recruitment process. You will be contacted by an interviewer on Discord to schedule a time to conduct an interview.


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IGN: DiscoverCard
By DiscoverCard » 6 months ago
Congratulations, your interview has passed the interview stage, and you have been accepted onto the staff team.