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IGN: sadmarcelo
By sadmarcelo » 9 months ago

IGN: sadmarcelo


Age: 14


What rank are you applying for: Trial Host


Have you ever purchased anything in our server store? (This does not affect anything): No, but someone purchased my Cutie tag.


Have you ever been banned on NightShadePvP: Once, and I'm deeply sorry for what I did. I already apologized to the person, and I regret doing what I did.


Have you ever applied for staff on NightShadePvP: Yes.


Timezone: Eastern Standard Time


How active are you on NightShadePvP: I usually play at least one NightShade game a day.


How will NightShadePvP benefit from you being staff: NightShade would benefit from me being staff for an assortment of reasons. First I'd like to think I'm a pretty known player in the reddit uhc community as I've been playing for over 3 years. I have a lot of experience as staff. I'm good with making decisions & I know how to take control. I can catch cheaters, and can record every game clearly to prove that they were cheating. I understand the reddit rules & the rules of the server. Finally, I understand how players feel, whenever someones toxic in the chat I tend to dm them and calm them down, and I feel like connecting with players like that is a very important part of being staff that I feel a bunch of staff members don't do.

What were your past experiences as being a staff member or a host? Mod on old server called Oblivion, Mod on old server called Neobyte, current admin on Blizzard UHC, and I like to say that I did my job correctly on those servers.


Why should we choose you over other qualified applicants? I have a lot of experience as a moderator which is important. I'd be very professional & mature on the server & discord. I wouldn't start drama in staff chat. I'd become a good member of the community & bring players together. I can record in very high graphics which I feel many people can't do. I'm pretty well known already around the NightShade community. I'm very active on the NightShade server & discord as it is, which I feel a bunch of staff members don't start doing until they apply.


What languages are you fluent in: English & a bit of spanish


What is your Discord Name and #: Marcelo#0609


What is your Twitter @: @TbhMarcelo


Can you record clearly: Yes


Are you familiar with the reddit guidelines for hosting (Host only): Yes


Are you familiar with how the Reddit UBL works (Host only): Yes

Have you ever been UBLed (Host only): No


What is your Reddit username (Host only): TbhMarcelo


Are you verified as a host on I'm trial host on


Anything else you would like to add: I know I’ve been very toxic in the past, and I wanted to apologize again for that. I’ve been trying to avoid being toxic as much as possible, and have been nicer & more connected to players of the community as of recent. I apologize for what I’ve done in the past & I hope we can let that behind us and grow together.



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IGN: Jollymelon111
By Jollymelon111 » 9 months ago
Please answer the following additional questions down below:
Additional Questions
In a generalized manner, describe the steps to reviewing, confirming, and accepting/denying a player report.

You are spectating or moderating an event, and the host is not following Reddit, server, or community rules. How do you respond? Who do you contact if an admin, owner or advisor is not present?

You have been banned on another server, and a player or staff member has acknowledged it publicly, whether it be during a game or on social media. Suppose the ban was false, how do you respond? Suppose it is justified, how do you respond?

You have 48 hours to do so. Once you are done, a staff will review it and give you a response shortly.