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By HEARTBR0KEN » 9 months ago
Age: 15
What rank are you applying for: Trial Host
Have you ever purchased anything in our server store? (This does not affect anything): No But I want to purchase a chat color soon.
Have you ever been banned on NightShadePvP: Not completely sure.

Have you ever applied for staff on NightShadePvP: No this is my first time.
Timezone: EST ( I live in canada if you care xD )
How active are you on NightShadePvP: It's been a while since I played but I'd like to apply and host a lot since I see that reddit is full of arctic and nightshade host like 2 - 4 games at most a day. ( on weekdays ) and I want to change that.
How will NightShadePvP benefit from you being staff:
Nightshade will benefit someone who has leadership role experience. I have done many things in real life whether that would be helping people, being a leader or captain on a competitive Sports Team or other. I have much experience and such in being a good and supportive leader. Now lets go on about my communication skills. I can communicate with a lot of people well, I am a very friendly person I am warming and welcoming to new people of the Nightshade Community I can talk to people very easily, I am good with talking to people who aren't fluent in english whether it may not be their main language or other I can talk and understand people who can't speak english well, since I live with people who can't speak good english I have sorta adapted to it. I am also a tiny bit experienced in moderating and hosting, but I will get more into that in the experience section of the applications.
What were your past experiences as being a staff member or a host? I have been a host on a old old Twitter uhc server, from that experience I have learned about myself that I am a quick learner and pick up things by myself pretty easily, I do know the basics of hosting and moderating I was also moderator on a old reddit server around a year ago I can't remember of the name at the moment but I will get it to you asap if needed. From that experience I learned the basics of moderating a reddit server (Reddit Rules, Ban Times Etc) Moderating a game is pretty easy for me I am a very good multitasker. Hosting was a different experience I messed up my first game and learned from my mistakes quickly after that I had a great second game and the others after that. But I do know the rules and such of reddit and if I don't ever know I look on the banguidelines, I usually always have it remembered.
Why should we choose you over other qualified applicants? NightshadePvP should chose me over other applicants because I have a good amount of experience as mentioned in the experience section above. I am a good leader as said and explained, most of the time better than other people. I am going to be VERY active in hosting like hopefully 1-2 games a day on weekdays and 2 - 5 games on weekends.
What languages are you fluent in: English, I can speak some spanish not much at all though.
What is your Discord Name and #:
What is your Twitter @: Don't have one tell me if its needed and I will make one.
Can you record clearly: Yes 4k 60 fps videos but obviously will only need 1080p xD
Are you familiar with the reddit guidelines for hosting (Host only): Yes very familiar
Are you familiar with how the Reddit UBL works (Host only): Yes very
Have you ever been UBLed (Host only): no sirry!
What is your Reddit username (Host only): sadskye
Are you verified as a host on hosts.uhc.gg: I am a host I'm not a verified one though.
Anything else you would like to add: No sir.


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IGN: venisa
By venisa » 9 months ago
Unfortunately, you have sadly been DENIED.
You may reapply in two weeks. Thank you for applying. 

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