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IGN: Cenical
By Cenical » about 1 year ago
IGN: Cenical
Age: 13
What rank are you applying for: Host
Have you ever purchased anything in our server store? This does not affect anything: No, but i plan on buying a chat color.
Have you ever been banned on NightShadePvP: No i have not.

Have you ever applied for staff on NightShadePvP: Not until now. :D
Timezone: CST (Central Time)
How active are you on NightShadePvP: Whenever there is a UHC, I try to get on!
How will NightShadePvP benefit from you being staff: I am a very kind individual, I am very smart (In Honors Classes), and i am very talented. 
What were your past experiences as being a staff member or a host? I'm an admin on a private SMP server, but I know that is not much.
Why should we choose you over other qualified applicants? Because I always try to do the best I can, to do benefit everyone in the ways i can.
What languages are you fluent in: English and I am learning Spanish.
What is your Discord Name and #: Michael#9243
What is your Twitter @: 
@lol29013401 (Don't Judge Me LOL)
Can you record clearly: Yes, I use OBS.
Are you familiar with the reddit guidelines for hosting (Host only): Yes, i am familiar.
Are you familiar with how the Reddit UBL works (Host only): Yes, I am familiar.
Have you ever been UBLed (Host only): Once, but it was my brother. I know you don't have proof that it was and it seems like I'm lying but its true lol.
What is your Reddit username (Host only): Cenical
Are you verified as a host on hosts.uhc.gg: No, I am not sadly. :(
Anything else you would like to add: I am in Concert Band in my school and may sometimes be on trips to compete.


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IGN: Zaiki
By Zaiki » about 1 year ago
Please provide more information to “How Nightshade will benefit from you being staff”. You have 48 hours to do so.




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IGN: Jollymelon111
By Jollymelon111 » about 1 year ago
Cynical, due to you not following Zaiki in what he has said above, and not providing in-depth explanations to your post, you are now Denied. You may re-apply in 2 weeks.