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IGN: Markerss
By Markerss » 9 months ago
IGN: Markerss
Age: 15
What rank are you applying for: Host
Have you ever purchased anything in our server store? This does not affect anything: No
Have you ever been banned on NightShadePvP: No

Have you ever applied for staff on NightShadePvP: Yes
Timezone: EST
How active are you on NightShadePvP: I am very active on Nightshade. I participate in a lot of games, I've even spectated a few of them. 
How will NightShadePvP benefit from you being staff: NightshadePvP will benefit from me being staff because of my activeness and loyalty. I will be a very active member of the community by hosting games, helping players in need, helping spectate games, and helping out other staff members. I am very familiar with the game, so my experience will benefit Nightshade, along with the other things.
What were your past experiences as being a staff member or a host? I have been staff on 2 servers that are no longer running, one called Zeppline and the other called Blitzcube. I am currently staff on a small UHC server called Basura. 
Why should we choose you over other qualified applicants? You should chose me over the other qualified applicants because of how long I have been a member of nightshade and my activeness on it. I feel that if I was accepted, both parties would benefit. 
What languages are you fluent in: English, and I take Spanish in school. (I'm decent)
What is your Discord Name and #: Markerss#7318
What is your Twitter @: @Mark_erss (I never really post anything, I only ever post things on my private instagram account. But if I need to be active on it, I sure can.)
Can you record clearly: Yes
Are you familiar with the reddit guidelines for hosting (Host only): I am familiar with some of them. 
Are you familiar with how the Reddit UBL works (Host only): No
Have you ever been UBLed (Host only): No
What is your Reddit username (Host only): Mark_erss
Are you verified as a host on No, but I will get on that, I just do not have all the info needed to apply yet. 
Anything else you would like to add: I would like to add that if moderator applications open up soon, I would definitely like to do that, so I can help out the server because I would really like to become more into the community. 

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IGN: Jollymelon111
By Jollymelon111 » 9 months ago
Please bold the questions only and have the answers unbolded. This is to ensure that the moderators can see the questions and answers clearly. Thanks!