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NightShadePvP Network Rules


Welcome to the NightShadePvP Official Network Rules. NightShade strives to become a better place with its community & fellow players. This thread will 
be talking about such things allowed on NightShade with in-game situations, on the Forums, and other official communication platforms.

Any rule breaking will result in a punishment. The punishment will vary depending on the situation.

The final decisions of any types of punishments will be talked with Admins+. 

If you have any questions about any rule please make a thread about it or contact a Staff Member. 




PvP Rules // Global Rules

In-Game Offenses - CHAT

Spam: Do not Spam! Example of spamming; saying "hi" or any message over a period of lines. Spamming is saying the same thing 4 times or more. You will be warned & muted if not stopped. This goes for flooding the chat with letters aswell. 

Hackusations: Any hackusations will lead to a warn then a mute. Hackusating is a when you call out someone else for using hacks. If you see someone hacking, please either report them on the Forums or use /report or /helpop.

Harassment/Rudeness: This is where you something really bad. Either you would say "kys" or any type of Death Threats, or anything that is really bad. All of this will lead to a sudden mute/ban and will be taken very seriously. All "general rudeness" will lead to a warn/mute.

Advertising IPs: This will lead to a permanent IP ban from the Network. Advertising in private messages will also be taken into consideration for a temporary ban depending on the severity of it. Do not advertise.

Advertising Twitch/YouTube Links That Has No Videos Up On The Server Or Not Currently Streaming On The Server: This is when you advertise a Twitch/YouTube link and you are not streaming on the Server. Not allowed.

DDoS Threats: All DDoS threats will be a permanent range-ip ban from the Network + a blacklist. You have no chance of appealing either. They are banned from everything including the Forums, Discord/TeamSpeak & In-game. Not allowed.

Filter Bypass: This is when you bypass an auto-muted word so it doesn't mute you. This is not allowed and will lead to a mute/warn.

Inappropriate Names: Though profanity is allowed on the Network, in-game names with profanity/inappropriate words is not allowed. It will lead to a permanent ban, with a chance to get unbanned if the name is changed.

Real-Life Scamming: Real-life money scamming is not allowed. Say you do a giveaway on our Forums, and you scam the person. Or you scam the person with a cape or something that will cost money. That is not allowed and will lead to a permanent IP Ban.

Character Spam: Character spam is when you have a message with all caps and looking something like this: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, or just a message with a lot of capital letters and spam of it in the same sentence. If you are happy if win something and you Character Spam, you will not get a punishment since you are happy. We do not punish happy players.

Light Advertisment: This is when you advertise a server like this: Guys let's go on [insert a server name here] this server is boring. It is not when you advertise an IP, but when you hook players off our server onto another. This is not allowed and will lead to a warn/mute.

Chat Trolling: Chat trolling is when you troll someone to leave the game, or trick them into doing something they don't want to do. This is not allowed & will lead to either a warn, or a mute.


Racism: Racism is not allowed. Saying the n word or any type of racist thing, is against the rules. It will lead into a warn/mute.

Sexism/Discrimination: This is not allowed. Any discrimination about the Staff/server will now lead to a mute/ban, depending on what rank that Staff is & the severity of what you said. 

Arguing: This is when you argue to Staff about someone getting banned or something else. This is not allowed. Something that is allowed though, is when you prove points on why this person did something wrong, etc. Anyways, if you are arguing, it will lead to a warn/mute depending on what you said.

Posting Unapproved Links: You have the power to post links in chat. Don't abuse it. Do not post any dirty links/troll links. If you do, it will lead to either a warn or a ban. Don't do it.

Mini Modding: This is when you Mod for the Mod essentially. You act as the Mod. Not allowed: answering everyone's questions/acting like a Moderator when Staff is online. Allowed: Answering people's questions when Staff aren't on.

Inappropriate Behavior: This is when you are saying very dirty stuff in chat. It will result in either a warn/mute. 

Rioting: This is not allowed. This is when you argue about stuff and get very toxic in chat. Example: #DemoteCarterAimz_. This is also when a lot of people are saying the same 'toxic' thing all over again.

Impersonation: This is when you try to impersonate any Staff/YouTubers/Twitch ranks or just any famous players on the Network. This is not allowed.


In-Game Offenses - GAMEPLAY


Hacking/AutoClickers: All types of hacks/macros/autoclickers/something to give you an unfair advantage to any gamemode is a permanent ban from the server. Any illegal mods are also bannable.

Abusing Glitches: This is any bug abuse, abusing exploits, or just abusing a normal glitch. This will usually start from a warning up to a ban.

Camping/Teaming In FFA: Camping inside of a PvP match/ffa is not allowed. It will start out with a kick/warn. Teaming in a Free-For-All is not allowed aswell. It will lead to a kick/warn too. Don't do it.

Ban/Mute Evading: This is where you evade a mute/ban by a going on an alt. This will lead to permanent ban on the alt/permanent mute the the alt. Not allowed, don't do it.

Giving Away Personal Info: This is not allowed. Meaning, giving away someone's IP etc. It will lead to a ban depending on the severity of what the player gave away.

Inappropriate Skins: These are not allowed. It goes for caps as well. It will lead to a permanent ban. You will have a chance to appeal once the skin is changed. 

Other Network Rules: Don't lie to Staff. Use of VPNs not allowed. Don't chargeback from a donation. Benefiting from a hacker not allowed. Running excessively in matches. Any lag machines. Unfair elo boosting: when you come on with your alt and start killing them in ranked matches/matches for higher elo/kills/wins. This is strictly not allowed. Lowering your elo on purpose isn't allowed either. Skybasing in duels/matches isn't allowed. Note: The final decision for a punishment will be held with the Admins/Owners/Managers.


MiniGame Rules

Camping: Do not spawn camp, or any time of Camping.

Abusing Glitches: Do not abuse any glitches, it will result into a warn/tempban.

Teaming: Do not team in FFA typed games.


UHC Rules

1. Use of xray mods/cave finders/xray texture packs/hacked clients/F3+A Glitching will result into a permanent IP ban + UBL from the Network. Benefiting from it (teammate xraying) will result into a 2-3 day ban. Lag machines (placing lava/water) to create server lag/player lag will result in a temporary ban/permanent ban from the Network. 

2. Stalking is allowed but not excessively. Stealing is not allowed. Trading is not allowed. Camping allowed, but not during Meetup. iPvP is not allowed (hurting another player before actual PvP) & will result in a ban. Cross teaming is allowed in team games. Spoiling player's coords is not allowed. You may kill your teammate in non-friendly fire team games.

3. Skybases allowed below 100x100y. Strip mining/pokeholding below y32 is not allowed. Mining to sounds/player tags allowed. Rollercoastering allowed. Do not excessively steal/trade. Do not stalk famous ranks (YouTube, Twitch, Staff, etc).

4. Teaming in FFA games is not . Please use /helpop or /report to report hackers or any help. Do not re log while scattering. If you relog, you have 5 minutes to get back into the game. Final heal: 15 minutes, PvP enabled: 20 minutes.

5. If you die due to your lag, not server lag, you will not get a heal. If you die to a hacker (that we know of)/server lag, you may ask for a heal/respawn and get it. Do not hackusate in chat. Use /helpop or /report. It is a random scatter.

6. Check the match post to see the border shrinks + gamemodes/scenarios. For any questions, ask the Host, other than that look at the match post. There is no final feed. Lying to Host will result in a ban/mute. Have fun & thank your Host.

7. For any help, use /helpop or /report or /game or /matcpost or ask your Host for any questions/concerns. To see all rules, check the Forums @ or use /rules in-game.
8. All Reddit UHC rules must be followed


Forum Rules

1. Be kind to all players: If you see a thread that is not to your liking, or you don't agree with it, simply give them feedback or constructive criticism. Don't bash on them and be mean to them. - Depending on the severity level, you will get around 1-3 strikes.

2. Server Bashing: Do not make threads bashing/disrespecting stuff about the server. It is fine to make threads giving feedback or constructive criticism, but not disrespecting the network. - This will result about 1-2 strikes depending on what you talk about.

3. All in-game rules will stay rules on the Forums. You will not get punished in-game for Forum actions. 

4. Do not spread hate: We are always trying to make the Network better with your guys' suggestions! So please do not spread hate, and spread positivity instead! - 1-3 strikes depending on the damage done.


Discord Rules

Spam: Warning before ban

SoundBoards/Mic Spam/Voice Changers/Music: Warning before ban

Trolling: Warning before ban

Anti-AFK Bot: Kick before ban

Inappropriate Behavior: Warn before ban

Racism: Warn before ban

Advertising: Ban

Linking Inappropriate Links: Ban

Giving Out Personal Info: Ban

Ban Evasion: Ban

Tagging staff members / roles: Warn before mute

Allowed Mods

Optifine // FpsPlus // BetterFPS
Mods that boost FPS and that doesn’t give you a boost that other players don’t have
1.7 Better Sprinting (1.7 ONLY)
Kohi TcpNoDelay
LabyMod Version 2.6+
Status Effect HUD // Direction HUD // Armor HUD
Batty’s Coordinates Mod
Keystrokes Mod
CPS Tracking Mod
UHC Essentials
5zig Mod
Cape Mods
Core mods such as Forge, PlayerAPI, LiteLoader