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Hello NightShade community! Staff applications are open to both hosts and moderators. We are doing a huge acceptance spree to people who really deserve it and put huge effort into their application. We are also looking for moderators and/or hosts who are bilingual, preferably speaking and understanding both English and Spanish. Thanks for reading this, and good luck to your application!

06 Aug 2018, 13:15 2 | 28
Hello members of the NightShade community! If you are to make an appeal on the forums, please know that you have to follow the format in order to appeal or we will instantly deny your appeal if so. Always make sure to be honest when appealing, and specify why you think you should be unbanned.

What was the reason you got banned for?

Do you admit to whatever you got punished with?

Is this punishment unfair?

What type of punishment was it?

If you think this is false, explain why. Add proof if possible as well.

Who punished you?

Why should you get unbanned?

30 Jul 2018, 18:36 0 | 10
Hello NightShade members! We are opening staff applications to all players applying for moderator or host. Best wishes to all that is applying. 

18 Jul 2018, 02:19 0 | 7
Hello all NightShade PvPers, we have closed down staff applications as we have enough moderators and hosts. All future applicants will automatically get turned down, whether you are applying for Trial Host or Trial Mod. We will announce when staff applications are opened in the future. 

27 Jun 2018, 23:39 0 | 6
Hello fellow NightShade members! We are currently looking for 3 hosts. Please go to the Staff Applications on the top and copy the format in the pinned messages. Please only bold the questions and unbold the answers so that it is easier for staff to view your application. Good luck!

03 Jun 2018, 01:07 0 | 10